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The Chevrolet Volt has already been the most illuminating electric car to be introduced as of today, but now renowned car artist Ian Cook has taken this one step further by creating a glow in the dark art work of the volt

Some of you may have seen him at work on BBC’s ONE SHOW, and also at motor-sport events and car shows throughout the UK.

Ian is an artist with a difference, he only paints his work with remote control cars and tyres, making him a very unique artist indeed, producing some incredible works of art in the process.

Normally Ian would paint his work in the light of day, but with this latest project Ian painted in near darkness , the only thing he had as a guide was some faint grey crayon outlines to go by.. And don’t think he cheated by occasionally switching the light on to check his progress. Due to the piece being filmed for the video shown at the bottom of the page Ian didn’t dare switch on the lights.

Ian said  “This is, quite simply, the hardest piece of work I’ve ever created I was more or less creating it blind”.

“The idea was to create an image that was as innovative and mould-breaking as the Chevrolet Volt itself, while at the same time keeping in mind its electric power-train. Chevrolet was one of the first vehicle manufacturers to fully recognise my radio-controlled car art and, indeed, make the most of it. As the Volt takes electric motoring to a new level, I wanted to take my art to a new level by doing something completely new and different.”

The artwork was created at a 3day car art workshop during the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) in London, where Ian also showed off his skills to school children and art students.

The Volt art work was the first time Ian had painted one of his master pieces in fluorescent paint, although not the first time he has painted a unique Chevrolet art work. Previous works include the Camaro convertible, the famous Chevrolet bow-tie badge image, and the Chevy spark featured below.

Ian is also the proud owner of a Chevrolet Spark with a difference pictured below. His Spark features a very unique wrap designed and created by him personally making it one of the most unique Spark’s on the road. Or should I say spART of which his car is more commonly known, as mentioned above you can often see the spART at car shows and motor-sport events up and down the country.

If you would like to see more of Ian’s work go CHECK out his website http://www.popbangcolour.com/and follow his progress on twitter at @popbangcolour or Facebook.

Now time to check out Ian at work creating the Volt in the video BELOW

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