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  1. Lacetti
    Hi all, my Lacetti just failed MOT due to the airbag lights. They don't have the correct tester and the Chevrolet garage is 1 hour 30 Min away. I had this problem last year but the garage fixed it and didn't charge me anything. What he said was the cable underneath the passenger seat was loose...
  2. Spark
    Hi I have a Chevrolet Spark 2013 (13) plate. My drivers airbag and passenger airbag both flick on and off and not sure why. Every time I try to use the fault code reader it won’t pick it up, presumably because it’s flicked off again. I’ve checked the cables under the chairs and they seem okay...
  3. Lacetti
    After having regular problems with the airbag warning light staying on due to the useless under seat electrical connector disconnecting on every bump and needing garage resetting I had an auto electrician remove the connector and hardwire it. Now I have same problem with clock. Except the...
1-3 of 3 Results