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  1. Aveo
    Hi all, My exhaust has started blowing and my local garage has tried to weld around the affected joins but to no avail. I can see there have been a few different posts on Aveo exhausts, but nothing conclusive on where to source a replacement. I've managed to find this diagram that shows the...
  2. Aveo
    Hi, I have a Chevy Aveo 2010 plate. I have been having problems with my central locking system. I had some issues at the start of the year where the locking system was constantly clicking on and off. I had it fixed temporarily but I had to take it to a garage 3 times as every time I took it in...
  3. Aveo
    Hi all, as the title says I'm looking to purchase an Chevy Aveo around the West Midlands area. Struggling to find one on Autotrader so any knowledge where I can find one would be appreciated! Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results