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  1. Cruze
    Not a good week for my Chevrolets. While my girlfriend's Captiva is in the garage by Cruze has lost its mind, any ideas would be very welcome. I noticed a week or so ago that if the weather is warm, not necessarily hot but pretty much exactly 18° or higher, my car kangaroo hops like crazy, at...
  2. Cruze
    Hi guys! CAR: Cruze 2012 2.0 VCDI Diesel - 163 hp At the time I got higher fuel consumption, normal is beetween 4,8 and 6,2, higher is 9,8-12l / 100 km. Higher consumption lasts atleast 30-40 km After I stopped the car the fam start to work like a moron, at 100% speed for 1-2 min. Yesterday I...
  3. Cruze
    After having a problem with my brakes sticking on last week and the RAC saying the problem was the little rubber sleeve that goes on the brake slider pin, he took it off so I could get home and I bought a new one off EBay. However it doesn’t seem to want to fit on properly as if it’s slightly...
1-3 of 3 Results