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  1. Captiva
    Greetings! I am a new Captiva owner and have observed that the 2.0 vcdi engine shifts gears at the ff speeds: 2nd - 20kph, 3rd - 35kph, 4th - 65kph, and 5th - 90kph. I have no problems with the 1st to 3rd gears but I feel the 4th and 5th gears shift so late that my fuel consumption is high at...
  2. Captiva
    Hi all my dad and I are at a loss. We own a Chevrolet Captiva 58 plate Desiel and the front and rear washers are not working, the fuse is all okayy and the headlight washers are working just fine, the wipers also work just fine, it's just the washers giving us greif does anyone have any ideas...
1-2 of 2 Results