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egr valve

  1. Error code P0404 what is the EGR Valve?

    Hi, my 2007 Matiz has the engine warning light on. I hooked up an OBD scanner and it found fault P0404. I know this is regarding the EGR Valve. I researched and it is advised to clean it out so I YouTube'd it. It shows a massive part being cleaned. I looked to replace the part and it is a tiny...
  2. Part Numbers for the Fuel Intake System

    Hi everyone. I finally found a workshop manual for the Captiva 2.2D 2012 LTZ. I will be following the instructions in it to take down the EGR Intercooler and EGR Valve (in order to clean or replace the EGR valve itself), and the inlet manifold along with the Throttle Body (also in order to...