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  1. Orlando
    Hi all. 2011 Orlando 1.8 petrol LTZ, 118k miles. Recently I've had the most bizarre problem spring up and of the electrical kind which are my least favourite. That aside, here are the symptoms: -Rear parking, fog and brake lights (on the tailgate & body) do not work (3rd / High mount brake...
  2. Captiva
    I have a relatively bizarre scenario with my Chevrolet Captiva. The battery light occasionally will stay on after starting the vehicle, now this isn’t as simple as it sounds because I have tested the battery and that’s fine 12.7v and CCA is fine. Also I have tested the alternator and that’s...
  3. Captiva
    Hi. I have a captiva diesel ltz, 2010. Its developed a problem with the signal from the rear driver side abs sensor. The sensor has been replaced, and still showing the abs and 4wd warning lights on the dash. Can anyone recommend a good garage or electrocian to investigate? Thanks so much 😀
  4. Lacetti
    I’m getting nothing when I turn the key, no click, no crank, no lights on the dashboard! New battery so no issues with that! Lights won’t turn on in the interior! Tried jumping but to no avail! What could the problem be! Started like a dream and a smooth runner up until this point! Any help...
1-4 of 4 Results