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  1. Lacetti
    Hi all, my Lacetti just failed MOT due to the airbag lights. They don't have the correct tester and the Chevrolet garage is 1 hour 30 Min away. I had this problem last year but the garage fixed it and didn't charge me anything. What he said was the cable underneath the passenger seat was loose...
  2. Lacetti
    Hello, I am a new owner of an Lacetti sx 2007 with 46000 miles. The car had a fresh MOT when bought and no know problems. When I was driving home yesterday the engine cut off when I was turning at a low speed. The dash board was the showing me , engine, oil, battery and the ABS warning lights...
  3. Lacetti
    Hi, Is there anyone that has knowledge about increasing the torque curve values over 3600 rpm and ONLY when gas pedal is pressed over 70%? I mean an embeded programmer not just increasing mapping values of fuel qty/stroke in diagonal by 10% with winols.
  4. Lacetti
    I’m getting nothing when I turn the key, no click, no crank, no lights on the dashboard! New battery so no issues with that! Lights won’t turn on in the interior! Tried jumping but to no avail! What could the problem be! Started like a dream and a smooth runner up until this point! Any help...
1-4 of 4 Results