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  1. Captiva
    Hi Guys, I'm starting to give up on my coolant leak... the car drives me crazy. I bought the car one year ago and I have a coolant leak since. It's a 2012 / 2.2 turbo diesel / 184 HP / 4wd / LTZ There were oil in my coolant so changed the oil cooler. There is no oil in coolant now but the...
  2. Captiva
    I'm hoping someone can provide some insight into an issue my girlfriend is experiencing in her 2013 2.2 Diesel Captiva. We've only had it about a month, and it had to go back to the dealer due a leaking crankshaft seal which resulted in a snapped serpentine belt. Now we've got it back it seems...
  3. Captiva
    Hello all! My captiva came with a over head dvd player replacing the rear seats dome light, it's not working so was going to swap it out with a new one. Removed the old one and water has poured down my arm!!! Found out why it's not working then lol All I can think is the roof bars need to be...
1-3 of 3 Results