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  1. Matiz
    Hi all, I hope someone in the UK can point me in the direction of a supplier of the larger oil sump. I've had a frustrating time trying to fix the oil leak that failed the Matiz' MOT. I bought a replacement part a year ago, meaning to fix a slow leak, but had to fix it now so, after the usual...
  2. Matiz
    Hello I recently took my car to a car wash (I know bad idea) since then I have noticed that my passenger Footwell gets soaking wet every time it rains I have checked the drivers side and it's fine , i have tried sealing under the scuttle as well as water testing around the windscreen I have also...
  3. Matiz
    Hi, my 2007 Matiz has the engine warning light on. I hooked up an OBD scanner and it found fault P0404. I know this is regarding the EGR Valve. I researched and it is advised to clean it out so I YouTube'd it. It shows a massive part being cleaned. I looked to replace the part and it is a tiny...
1-3 of 3 Results