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  1. Orlando
    Hey i’ve been trying to find a lambda sensor for my 2011 2.0 diesel orlando for days now but can’t find one unless it’s from a main dealer which is around £230 :/ all the people i’ve contacted who are breaking orlando’s haven’t got one on, im just wondering if there’s a universal one i can buy...
  2. Orlando
    Hello experts, Today morning wifey was doing a local journey and came back with Code 84 , which then disappeared and then Engine Light came on. local nearby garage has done a report before closing for the day and whatsapp'd me the attached report.(He will check it properly in morning). I am not...
  3. Orlando
    Hey guys, i’ve got orlando 1.8 petrol 2013 and my engine broke down. I read that is it the same engine that is in opel zafira or Astra, can i swap it, or is there any problem ? Thanks a lot.
  4. Orlando
    Hi All. I am at my wits end and hoping someone in the community can help me. Last year I purchased 2012 Orlando LTZ VCDI. It had 140k miles, high I know, but was in immaculate condition and drove well. I was looking for a quirky family car that would be well equipped for long journeys between...
  5. Orlando
    Anyone know what the knocking noise is Coming from the Engine of my 2012 Chevrolet Orlando 1.8, when I started it in the cold it was quite like Normal then it all of a sudden it started knocking what could it be? it sounds like if it's coming from the bottom end of engine
1-5 of 5 Results