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hey guys,
So i had issues with my dpf and codes saying my sensor was faulty (3 diff codes for sensor). Went to garage and got 2 different quotes...
1st was gor dpf vlean and diagnostic...£550
2nd was for sensor and dpf replacement.....£1100!!

So i took a chance £8 bottle of wynns DPF cleaner cleared the dpf fault.
Next i got dpfcleaning out to check the system and that cost £60 and they confirmed the sensor and kindly showed me where it was.
New sensors range from £55 to £160 dependant on brand used so i checked out used parts.
£30 later and part on the way from poland. Once it was fitted i went on a nice 50 mile round trip to ensure a dpf regen took place and used an £8 OBDII reader to check and clear codes before starting out, and to check new codes after.....very pleased to say regen worked and now no eml light as no codes found!!

Here is the video for the change of the sensor, and the part number is 96474598


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Phil, A good helpful and encouraging piece of feedback. Something to encourage others. Well done.
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