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2010 Chervolet Aveo 1.2
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Hi guys!
My 2010 Aveo 1.2 recently stopped to show vehicle speed and after few days orange error light appeared on the instrument panel. (Just for your information,my speedometer,while it was working fine,was showing km/h and has no mph on itself ant that's how i bought the car and that's perfectly normal for us in Europe.)
Since then, i ordered 4 different vehicle speed sensors but every time same thing happens. I've deleted error with car diagnosis adapter with software. From then with all four brand new sensors,my speedometer is acting like it's showing vehicle speed in mph because when i drive 100 km/h my speedometer shows around 60. I also noticed that my odometer counts one number/kilometer forward a little bit later than usual so i figured that the sensors are manufactured for mph designed speedometer but there are too small chances for that to be true. So,first 3 sensors were aftermarket and fourth one was original GM vehicle speed sensor. All four of them and same thing happens all the time...
Finally i purchased second hand instrument panel from another Aveo just to be sure about my problem but that second hand instrument panel acts just the same like my original one.
Now i have 4 brand new vehicle speed sensors, two instrument panel and one problem. My speedometer is showing wrong/defferent speed.
After some money spent, i'm still stuck. What next?

P.S Sorry for my bad English.
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