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hi all.
I've been having an issue with my 2.4l petrol Holden Captiva. Im based in Australia.
When I drive, the car does a warning beep, then the engine service light, the abs light, the immobiliser light and the airbags light goes on. the speedo, the rpm gauge and the fuel gauge drops to zero. twice before it has come back by itself. the car keeps going when this happens. if you switch the car off in this state, you cannot get it to start again. It does not respond to the fob at all. when you turn the ignition (keyless) the dash lights come on, but no crank (just a very soft click). The solution is to unplug the earth strap and leave it to stand for a while. once reconnected, the car responds to the fob and you can start it first time. I suspect it is a bad earth connection, but i have tried to tighten this as best as i could and it happened again earlier today. I know its not the battery or the starter motor. Any ideas what it could be and how i can confirm this?

appreciate any help in advance.
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