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Well here we are, three weeks into my Captiva ownership and my initial thoughts on the car as I see it. Vehicle is a 10 reg LTZ with 22k on the clock, one owner who was a manager for a car hire company hence the higher milage for a less than 1 year old car, but looking at the destinations he went to on the sat nav has revealed that most of this milage was on motorways and cruising.

Took a while to get used to the speed sensitive steering at low speed after the heavy steering on my Mercedes but I have got used to it now and find the extra help at low to zero speeds to be great, especially when trying to get into a restricted space. After three weeks nothing has fallen off, or broken, the Satnav works as it should with all destinations so far being found ok. MP3 and Video works fine , all the whistles and bells are working as advertised, it is a comfortable ride with minimal body roll in the corners and the gearbox (Automatic) is super smooth, I would actually rate it better than the Merc

OK I will admit that the trip computer is dyslexic and is not the most accurate calculator on the planet but so far I have been averaging between 28 and 30 mpg for town work and have got 37 on a run (Brim to brim measurements). So not as frugal as the Merc but then I was not expecting it to be as it weighs nigh on 2.5 tons and only has a 2l lump to pull it along. Seats are very comfortable and all the controls are correctly placed for ease of use.

Styling wise it is one of the best looking SUV's on the market and in Black with the chrome and 18" wheels really looks the business. So overall impressions are very good, like the car a lot.
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