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Hi All. For those who might be interested, I thought I would post up the procedure for resetting the auto trans shift adaptation in these transmissions. I have the workshop manual for the Asian AW55-51LE installed in the Series 1 Captivas, and found the procedure in the manual.

Typically you would do this after flushing the trans with new fluid, as the friction properties of the fluid are different when it's fresh. There are other reasons to do it as discussed in the pics below.

I have a reasonably well featured scan tool but it can't reset AT Trans adaptions for GM cars as required by the manual, but I went through the process anyway as the Trans Control Unit has learning capability. The shift quality was noticeably better, sharper more direct shifts, after the procedure, compared with how it felt after the flush and prior to doing the adaptation procedure.

Also my trans flush consisted of 2x 12L flushes, with 7500km between flushes.
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