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It's Anzac Day Down Under. Just a mention in memory of our cousins, friends and allies who meant so much in our time of need.

From the Australias Guide:

The impact of war:
The First World War had a devastating impact on Australia. In 1914 the male population of Australia was less than 3 million, yet almost 400 000 of them volunteered to fight in the war. As many as 60 000 died and tens of thousands more were wounded.

Out of this experience was born one of Australia’s most enduring values: the ‘Anzac’ ethos of courage and spirit. Every year on 25 April, Australia commemorates the brave but devastating battle fought by the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps—Anzacs—at Gallipoli, Turkey, in 1915. The day also commemorates all Australian soldiers who have fought in wars since then.

‘In the end ANZAC stood and still stands for reckless valour in a good cause, for enterprise, resourcefulness, fidelity, comradeship and endurance that will never admit defeat.’

—Charles Bean, historian of the First World War

Australia Facts


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As a Forum Member with one foot in UK and the other in Australia, I appreciate you reminding us all of this Day and what it stands for.

Thanks from
Aussie Ed
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