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I have owned the new Aveo 1.3 VCDi for 2500 miles, very happy with its performance and economy. nice looking design. Averaging 65 mpg mixed driving.
Just had a blowout on a straight A road travelling at 70mph and didn`t feel a thing until I came to rest at a roundabout and heard a rough noise from front end. Thumbs up for the stability and run flat capability. Tried inflating the tyre with repair kit provided but the puncture was to bad. Had to be rescued to a garage where I had a new tyre fitted.
I now don`t know whether its more convenient to carry a spare and forego the economy as it has cost me a days pay, so making the `Eco` benefit of not carrying a spare probably a false economy.
Will a spare wheel fit in the bay and can it be fastened in securely, also is there a jacking kit available.
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