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So when our car went in for the abs recall, we had loads of problems with the dealer.

Initially they said they couldn't do the recall because our abs pump had gone and needed changing (turned out there was no fuse in the fuse box) luckily it was found by us and not by them, god knows how much this would have cost us to diagnose if we had let them do it.

Anyway, we were told by one member of staff at the dealer that NOTHING had been done on the recall, then another member of staff told us that the process was started and the fluid was changed THEN they realised there was a problem with the abs.

But i was under the assumption that to do the change the wheels had to come off the car to do access the bleed nipples. Am I wrong ?

Our locking wheel nut key was in the car under the spare wheel and the boot was full of stuff and no one called us to ask for it, so were still not sure who's telling the truth as to has the fluid change process had been started or not as the dealer is telling us different things.

Any help appreciated. Many thanks.
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