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a few months back, when I bought the Captiva, I got it with the original radio\head unit system, there was a rear camera installed, so I figured that the PO had a multimedia installed and before selling, he put back the OEM head unit. as I needed the Captiva to trail my wife's 2 axle coffee trailer, I needed to install a multimedia system the same day, to get the rear camera working. the trailer is too heavy to fine tune the trailer by hand to the tow bar. so I had no time to order something from aliexpress/amazon/ebay and install it myself. I took it to a place where you pay ( too much) and get stuff installed or fixed. while they were working to install the multimedia, I noticed that the brake lights are working, I thought that the guy just leaning on the pedal. but when he got out, the brake lights were still on. since then, the brake lights sometime just light up when car in park and sometimes when driving. I searched this forum for an advise, but could fine none, searched youtube and found a video of a guy in Australia with I think it was a 2nd gen Captiva with a faulty brake switch, explained how to take it off and fix the switch. he just said that it took him a lot of time and effort to get the plastic covers off but did not show how to do it.
so I got to my car, found 1 screw on the left down corner by the hood lever, took it off and the rest is just pull and the plastic cover is off.
took a look and found out that the brake light switch is completely different. I saw a similar one on a video on the Cruze.
the access to the only screw that holding the switch in place is horrible, only an open end 7mm wrench can be squeezed in there, and the screw is long, it take a lot of patience to get the switch off. I waited for the temperatures to go down but still have at least 2 hours of day light, so got out of the house AC outside to a 33 degrees Celsius and 73% humidity.
at least the car was in the shade.
it took me a lot of sweating, surprisingly no swearing, to get it out.
I just wanted to get the correct PN so I could buy a new one.
it looks and feels just fine, no way to disassemble without destroying it, so no way to know the condition inside the switch.
took a picture and put it back in.
it works just fine now. could be that the guy with the multimedia leaned on the switch? who knows.
strange thing is, on it cost 26$ W/O postage, on it cost 41 pounds W/O postage and on, it cost 11$ and 10$ postage.
I will order from just in case I will need to replace. and in that case, I will photo the process.
brake switch for 2012 2nd gen 2.4 gasoline is : 13579088
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