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Hi all new Lacetti owner here, just popped in to say hi
Should probably start with Car History

Red1990 (H) Yugo 511
this was my first car although I only ever drove it around private land with no tax or license) Had a huge crack in the cylinder block that pissed water everywhere lol

School BusYellow 1988 (E) Ford Escort Estate 1.4L
this was an ex BT car hence the colour, and was my first car after passing my test, given to me by a friend in 2001 with 80,000 miles on the clockit lasted two years before succumbing to rust, which was a shame because I really liked that car, i loved the analogue joystick it used to adjust the balance for the audio.

Satin Silver 1999 (V) Volkswagen Polo 1.0L
bought this car for £5000 in 2003, with 33,000 miles on the clock, it currently has 92,000 miles, and developed a few faults so I thought it was time to replace it hence my new car...

Moroccan Blue GCT Metallic 2009 (09) Chevrolet Lacetti 1.6SX Station Wagon
I have to admit I was actually looking for a Ford Focus estate, but at £8,500+ for a similar age/equipped car (at least a Zetec) it was well out of my budget, then I drove past this car 2 nights ago and it screamed BUY ME, at £3,700 + £295 p/x for my Polo - yes it really is in that bad a condition lol, with 41,000 on the clock (and a new cambelt) I couldn't resist, I pick it up on Tuesday :)

So thats the history out of the way, any tips for a new owner?

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