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I've just traded my 58 plate LT, and have some items for sale.

First - wheels & tyres.

When I bought the Captiva I thought it would eat tyres (it didn't) so I picked up a set of wheels/tyres from someone who had done less than 1,000 miles before upgrading to 18" wheels. These were 'as new' - 8.5 mm tread (aprox)

Within 500 miles of owning my own Captiva I picked up a nail in the front N/S - no problem, I had 4 virtually new ones in the garage.

That left 3 virtually new wheels/tyres, and 1 virtually new wheel/tyre with a repairable puncture.

Then I stumbled on a brand new set of wheels/tyres from a main dealer who had taken them off a newly delivered car in order to pimp it with 18" wheels.

So that gave me another set of brand new unused wheels/tyres (still with the plastic protection on the wheel centre logo)

When my two fronts reached 4 - 4.4mm I replaced them (only because I now had more wheels & tryes than I knew what to do with

The car goes next week - so I have for sale:

2 brand new unused wheels/tyres

3 almost new wheels/tyres (virtually full tread)

1 almost new wheel/tyre (virtually full tread) - with repairable slow puncture (was quoted £35 - but didn't bother because I had so many other tyres)

2 used wheels/tyres with very even wear, no cuts or damage and over 4mm tread each.

All the wheels are 'as new' (two, of course are brand new) with no scrapes,marks, or damage - you'd be hard pressed to tell which were the used ones, and which were the unused ones.

All are 17"


Pics on request - ideally I'd like to sell them as a complete lot for £499 - which is less than the cost of four tyres on their own.

If not, then I'll sell hem as two sets -one set comprising two brand new/ 2 almost new & another set comprising I almost new/ 1 almost new with repairable puncture/ 2 used with 4mm tread left.

Other items:

One set of genuine Chevrolet sun shades (the fitted sort that clip into the rear side and tailgate windows) as new condition, original box, storage bag, all fittings/instruction, unused self-adhesive tailgate fixings (they just fitted well enough without the need to use the self adhesive clips)



One 'bonnet bra'- these, you either love or hate. (I like 'em - and have ordered another one for my new VW)



Genuine GM 13 pin Captiva towing wiring kit.

Never used (I was going to convert from the fitted 12N & 12S sockets - but (as with so many things) it just never got done.

This is (I think) virtually plug 'n' play - but requires a dealer ECU switch-on to get some functions working


Thanks for bearing with me this far - if you need any more info please call 01469 533937

Items available in North Lincolnshire


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AKJones said:
Hi there,Would you be interested in selling the4 wheels only?

Sure - presumably you'd want the two brand new & unused ones, and the two that have done a few hundred miles?

Ring me on 01469 533937, or PM me.

I also have the other bits mentioned (the sun shaes, oil filter housing (brand new) - and I now have a set of mudflaps (took them off when I part exchanged the Captiva) complete with all fitting (and exceptionally easy to fit) and also twp front window wind deflectors - the kind that sit in the window channel, with no horrible tape or other nonsense)

Last but not least - don't forget the bonnet bra
I bought it from Germany (they love 'em there) is a blaxk padded 'bra' that fits over the front of the bonnet to prevent stone chips damaging the paint.

I liked it so much that I bought a similar one for my new VW - and it's not as good quality as the one I got for the Captiva.

Finally - how do you fancy a 7" screen 'built in' sat-nav/TV that doesn't have to be built in?

My LT come without a buuilt in sat nav, but I found that a Mio 7" V735 was the idea size to sit below the centre hatch door (the vertical one)

I made up an aluminium support that simply fixed to the recess edge using gel tape (supplied) it protrudes slightly in front of the console edge, and has been carefully finished to look OK

The sat-nav/TV then stand on that completely covering the opening. The 'cupboard' door is opened, and a velcro button fixed to the underside, with the other half of the button on the sat-nav. The sat nav size is such that it makes a snug contact with the velcro

This hold the sat-nav securely at an ideal height for viewing - but can be removed in seconds, leaving no trace.

I've probably explained it badly - but most people thought it was a built in sat-nav at first.

It's for sale (with aluminium stand for the Captiva) complete wit all original accessories, and boxed. I don't need it for my VW - but it's a great sat-nav, and very good digital TV, also plays media files (AVI, etc) from an SD card.

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Hi there, I have just changed my wheels on my Captiva 2012 model and have my genuine Chevy 17" wheels and tyres up for sale. All good tyres, think they are winter tread. Alloy wheels are in excellent condition. Looking for around £400.00 Also willing to send via courier at extra cost approx £30-40?

Cheers Dave

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