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Hi Community I am New and would be very thankful if someone could help me.

a couple of days ago my 2.4 Captiva starting making some troubles. We making an OBD Failure Scan and the Software means P2101( voltage Failure) at first.

so we opened up the Throttle Body and had seen a broken cable. We made a new one. ( it was the Green one)

But it still won’t work. So I ordered a new Throttle Body- won’t work too.

we made a new Scan and now it says P2119 ( Voltage Failure).

We checked the voltage of all 6 pins in the plug. We have found one strange ( L-BU) with Voltage at 4 V.

is this normaly? We can’t find the right solution before cuttingof the whole cables and bringing new ones inside.
If someone have an Captiva 2010, 2.4 petrol, I would be very thankful if someone could making a photo from his throttle plug, with visible cable Colors. We worked after a workshop guide. But it seems like the Colors in the Diagramm aren’t correct.
One picture of Diagramm

and one of my plug with repaired cable( Green- now yellow)

Thank you very much

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