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2008, GM Korea, Chevrolet Captiva 2.0 VCDI, AWD
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Is been a couple of days that my Captiva keeps those lights on the dashboard. (See the pic below) If I drive for a couple of km and then turn of the engine and then turn it on again some of the lights will turn off but not the ABS light and then while driving those lights will all turn off. And will be ok for the rest of the day.

I have the same car as you and I had this problem twice. Those lights are warning lights and they turn all on even when there is a small problem. For me they turned on not only once.
At first my car had a problem with the front ABS sensor and just because of that all those lights turned on. Fixed the sensor and then it was good.

Another time they all turned on when the alternator wasn't working. Actually they will turn on even if the battery is very low.

In your case I would sugest to check for the ABS sensor at the mechanic. In the down below link was the same problem for me. Check it from you tube.

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