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Has anyone on here had problems with the manual clutch on the current model? I know that Chevrolet manual gear boxes are a bit agricultural but mine is a bit worse than that.

Operating the clutch gives a nasty light grumbling noise rather like a bearing packing up. It is worse in cold weather. There is also another deeper mechanical bearing type noise when you lift off the accelerator.

It has been back to Chevrolet a few months ago when it had 5,000 miles on the clock and only 6 months old. They claimed that there was no problem but admitted that they had little practical experience of the current model. They also said that it had a Dual Mass Flywheel (google it for horror stories on other cars).

My thought is that the DMF is knackered and causing the noises, also the car rocks gently when stationary and idling which I thought the DMF was designed to smooth out!
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