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Hi Roger

Have a look at the posts on fuel economy. The reason I say this is that I wasdisappointed with my meagre 29-31mpg so had the ECU remapped. The first two attempts at remapping, were not good and produced the very symptoms that you describe. I know that remapping will be difficult to trace, as it technically voids the warranty so a previous owner will not let on. But it may be worth asking a Chevrolet dealer to flash the ECU back to it's factory/default settings. It certainly worked for me!

Again, have a look at the post on fuel economy as I had a problem whilst in France and when I got back I asked a Chevrolet garage to check and they could tell me what the faults were by reading the fault codes. There should be some trace of your problems when they link to their diagnostic wizardry.

All best and let me know how you get on


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