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H Peeps

I've recently bought a 56 plate Lacetti Hatchback 1.4 SE ac 5 door, light Blue(dont know wether its 1.4i se or not and i presume having ac is the air con as mine has air con.

The central locking on the passenger side front does't connect to keyless car entry with the remote fob and when the key is inserted into master lock on driver's side door all the other3 door locks connect fine.

I think the motors gone on that lock but not sure. The passenger side door front (the problem on central locking) functions on its own fine.
Not sure what to do and who to see. Get in touch guys; please.

If any one had thisproblem on their cars please reply; and keep the thread going guys

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There are several reasons for a 'lazy' or non operative lock on central locking.
Sometimes the central locking simply needs re-synchronizing, other times it is a failed wire in the loop cable between door and door frame. Other times it is corroded connection in the door panel or an earth corrosion problem.
Irrespective of the vehicle the causes can be identified on other models.

Maybe a look through the Forum Back Index Search function is worth trying because there is about ten years worth of trouble shooting stored.

As a Newbie the following link will assist you in how to explore the Search function, along with completing your 'Location' and maybe putting vehicle info in the Footer/Signature (this saves you having to repeat it in subsequent posts.

Such issues are often frustratingly difficult to track down other than by trial and error.
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