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We Purchased a NEW (SEPT 2010)Chevrolet Captiva LTZAuto based on my current requirements based on a number of reasons <?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />
1. Location of the dealership
2. The vehicle met all my needs
The only issue was the upfront payment however this was not an issue based on the type of car we chose.
The reason for this letter is to highlight a number of issues now making it difficult to enjoy this car.
When we collected the car we was shown to the car with a salesman smoking a cigarette saying there it is and when I said can you go through it with me he said sorry I don't know much about it, and recommended I read the Manual.
I had a quick look around the car to find various stains on the chrome and oxidation from when it had been standing. I agreed to take the car as it was only cleanliness, when I got it home my partner had a look around and said you need to go straight back as the bonnet was dented the front and rear bumper had some quite bad scratches in it the alloy wheel had a gouge in it.
We had no manual spare key or locking wheel nuts but was told they are on order.
We took the car back and the sales person booked it in for the repairs, we collected the car a few weeks later to find the bonnet hadn't been fixed, I was told to ring the dent people and they will fix it, I took a day off work to do the work.
I was informed after Christmas that a new version of the satnav maps was available as I complained to Chevrolet when I first got the car in September 2010, the map version currently on the vehicle is 2008 and doesn't find my house that has been there for about 4 years now.
I tried to book my car in for the update to take place and was told that as soon as the map software arrived they would ring me,
This never happened so early January I went into the dealership in Warrington and this is when I became very upset as they told me that they was closing down and was only informed in December 10.
I promptly asked what do I do, they said go to Liverpool. This is twenty miles away and very inconvenient.
I booked my car in for the work to be done as the Alarm has started going off a dozen times a night also, I took the 14<SUP>th</SUP> off work and went to Liverpool I was told that the Maps had been updated and they found no fault with the Alarm, I then explained that it goes off in the night and I don't live on a busy road so no reason for the alarm to go off. They agreed to replace the sensors but told me that if that didn't fix the problem then they would get billed for the part.
I am very disappointed in this as I was told by Chevrolet Head office that they knew for two years that they were closing down and for Motability customers I find this quite disturbing as it leaves a lot of us in a situation that we have to drive nearly 40 miles when we ordered cars based on locality.
I have wasted probably a week in work time going backwards and forward getting a brand new car fixed based on a shabby handover.
If I had my way I would peruse giving this back and getting a vehicle from a reputable local dealer.

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Sorry you've had such abad experience, although it seems to be more down to the dealer and the particular car, rather than Chevrolet per ce. I've had nothing but good and reasonable service thus far.
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