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Chevrolet Orlando 2011 Diesel 2.0 163hs
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Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. :geek:. I had an issue with my Orlando and I think my gearbox is completely gone and possibly the torque converter.
What happened is that the car dash suddenly froze not showing anything , then the car lost power and when I managed to park it I saw that was spilling oil from the filling point on the gearbox and also some oil seemed to be coming out from between the engine and the gearbox. The only code that came up when the recovery guy scanned was p0634. Previously the gearbox was coming up sometimes with P2723 . I added new oil but nothing. The car is starting but no any movement from the gearbox.
So my question is about changing the gearbox with the torque converter. I found 6T40 gearbox but from Vauxhall Moka 1.4 Petrol and also from 1.6 Diesel, but they are 2nd or 3d generation and mine is 1st. Is it possible to fit that gearbox and torque converter in my car and will it work? The torque converter number from the current gearbox is 24247416 and from the new one is 24253354.
Thank you :) :) :)


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