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2007 Captiva, 2.0 diesel AWD
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Hello, new user here!

I have a 2007 Captiva, 2.0 diesel, automatic.

I've been having some eletrical issues lately:
Dash lights not working​
Gauges not working​
Stereo not working​
Keyfob not locking/unlocking (New batteries, issue remained)​
Small screen above stereo not working​
Air condition not working​
Outside lights not working in automatic mode (Do work if switched on via stalk switch)​

These issues were not all at the same time, though.
The locking issue has been separate for now, and is much more rare then other faults.

So far I was able to remedy these issues by unplugging and re plugging one the BCM fuses (All fuses are fine, too). Suddenly, that does not help anymore.

The car came with an aftermarket head unit (Cheap 2DIN touchscreen thingie) and today I installed the original back into the car (also came with the car).

While I was there, I also took a peek at the BCM. Took that out and out of it's shell. Looks like new, shining, almost. Zero visible damage (also no codes stored what so ever).

One strange thing I noticed though.
The car has automatic day-lights. But, next to the headunit is installed some kind of an automatic day-lights module. Its label is in Estonian language and its power wires come from the headunits plus and minus wires, just soldered onto them. I do not think this can be from the factory.

If the car should have automatic day-lights, why might there be such a module installed there?
Could this somehow possibly mess with all these electrical systems?
I've been looking around and these symptoms point directly to the BCM, but I have no codes stored, and the BCM looks just fine. Can it still be a faulty BCM?
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This is the day-time lights module thing, label is in Estonian language, which makes me wonder why is it there if the car has an automatic mode in light switch (I recall the seller said this was once a dealership car, perhaps they installed it for some reason?)?:
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