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..well, sort of

We traded the Captiva for a new VW Touran 1.6 TDi.

Was sad to leave the Chevvy - but 31 mpg was really beginning to bite. When we towed, it was low 20's.

We'd grown tired of caravanning after doing it since the mid 1980's, so we sold the van - which made the Captiva redundant.

I couldn't say that VW quality is any better than Chevrolet - in fact, some of the plastics seem cheaper When it comes to the engine, however, it's a different story.

The new VW 1.6 TDi lump is astonishing! - genuinely.

It's super quiet, super smooth - puts out 105 BHP - but, best of all, it's already returning 58 mpg, with only 300 miles on the clock.

It will burble happily at 45 -50mph in 6th gear, with only 1150 revs - hardly more than tick over, and a testament to the torque they're getting out of that little engine.

I've owned a lot of new cars over the years, and have *always* been disappointed by the consumption, which never bore any resemblance to manufacturers quoted figures.

Until now, that is. I've been driving fairly normally - mostly at 50 mph, with occasional forays to 70 (still running it in) and the consumption meter is a joy to see.

Thinking that it could be an optimistic computer I checked the figures manually, litres v actual miles covered, and found that it really was doing 58 mpg (actually a bit over 58)

When it's run in I expect to get low 60's. Now, *that's* more like it!

I know that I'll miss the Captiva when the snow arrives (it was brilliant last year) but, otherwise, it's like buying fuel at half price!

We also have a Spark - and the best that does is 43mpg, so that VW engine really is something special. The Touran isn't as heavy as the Captiva, of course - but it's still over 1500kg, so not particularly light.

Fitted into a smaller car, like a Polo, the economy must be astounding.

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