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I have a Chevy Orlando bought in the UK if february, it is an automatic. I live in Spain and decided to take a trip to the UK for a few weeks. On the way up we took a week and only on side roads but still averaged 40 mpg, according to the trip, and not brimming the tank.Got to the UK and from Dover to the midlands I got 53 mpg, that was keeping it at a steady 65.Return trip M25 jammed but still returned 50.

In France I only got 42, maybe I was going faster perhaps 80 but it was all the hills that cost me. Last 6 hours now in the night and forgot fuel consumption just wanted to get home, so thrashed it a bit but still returned 44 for the trip home. If I had slowed a bit I would have again done 50 plus

I have now in six months done 8,000 miles with no probs the car behaved impeccable. OK the sat nav played up one day, the arrow stayed in Calais all day but that has righted itself. Only complaint really is the paintwork is a bit thin, and I get a load of stone chips, my other car now 100,00 klm same journey 4 times no chips. A Fiat Doblo built like a brick.

People knock the car but I find it to be comfortable, 18 hours of none stop driving and no backache at all, to anybody contemplating one I say go ahead you could do worse.

Sorry about the probs speedy is having, lucky he has a good dealer, must go there for my sevice now due.
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