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just calculated fuel consumption now that my epica 2.0 diesel vcdi has done 12000 mile, Recently had 2nd oil change done. Having adapted my driving style to the engine (I think!) and following a talk with a daewoo chevrolet technician who has 15 years of experience on these cars and who kindly explained about the dpf filter, warning lights and how the regeneration works on these engines. 45.42 mpg,llanelli to carmarthen via M4 then A48, bit of town roads and then reverse journey on to llantrisant m4 and then cardiff on the dual carriageway, did not exceed indicated 70mph on the motorway or dual carriageway and used the cruise control on the motorway and A48, probably about 5 miles of town driving in and out of carmarthen.

I am impressed I must say.

happy driving everyone.

PS He also advised do not top up oil to the high mark on the dipstick in case of problems with regeneration if regeneration is interrupted, also more advice on this on the honest john website.

for regeneration also same applies to captiva and the cruze diesel with the software update to give 150 bhp
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