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Congratulations, Hope it's turbo diesel, new, or used? there are a few new ones left, but the petrol ones from motorpoint seem to be imports. have just had mine serviced, 2nd year service at 16,000 miles, and fuel economy has improved since service and using 0w40 mobil 1 dexos 2 and replaced fuel filter, (lot of crud in there) going from carmarthen to london 2 weeks ago, 4 adults and bagage 45 mpg at motorway speeds. local economy now 40+ do 45 mile round trip once or twice a week, rest around town. very comfortable and different to most of what you see on the roads. if your car isn't new, check for oil leaks from oil cooler pipe to oil filter housing, possible also cam cover, check for air con recall, but not all models necessary. (national tyres will check tracking for free-see honest johns advice on his review) and my review on honest john owners reviews, click on reviews, chevrolet,sub menu will come up click on used epica, read review, and top right you'll see owners review,
despite gripes about dealers, very happy with mine. PS you can get it serviced at network Q vauxhall dealers.

last thing, make sure tyres at least 32psi you can get a 17" full size wheel from team dynamics if you want a full size spare, they will supply 1 only

happy motoring, and safe driving

bernie, carmarthen
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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