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Hi i am a final year student at Coventry University studying Automotive Design and am in love with the Camaro especially 1st and 2nd gen.

I don't own one yet but will in the near future i need your help as I am going to design the Camaro of the future 9th gen (2040).

I would like as much information and opinion as possible on what makes the Camaro such an iconicvehicle and what you think would improve thevehicle visually, mechanically and ergonomically and why.

Also i am currently building a 3d computer model of onevehicle from each of the generations i currently have a 1968 Z28 and am working on a 1971 SS but i needorthographicviews (top, front, back and side) of a 3rdand 4th gen Camaro any model is fine (just let me know what model it is) if you have any possibly in a haynes manual.

I would appreciate is massively and send you pictures of it once is it completed along with pictures of my design for the 9th generation.

Thank you very much and i hope to here from you soon
Michael Gillman
[email protected]
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