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I've just bought myself a 2005 Lacetti CDX saloon, and I have a question about the Blaupunkt stereo.

I'd like to be able to plug my ipod and iphone into it so I can listen to them while driving. I currently have an MP3-player-to-tape thing, but now that I've got a new (to me) car I'm hoping to improve upon that.

But (and it's a big 'But') I'm not that good with a screwdriver. I'm great with a keyboard, but the whole 'fiddling with cars' thing scares me.

So, I think what I want to know is:

<LI>What model of stereo is it in the 2005 Lacetti CSX saloon? I've hunted around and I think it's the 'Radio 3 BP1043' here. Or it might be the 'Lubeck C30 BP0105 panel' here. Or it might be something else entirely.</LI>
<LI>Is it possible to add an auxilliary input to the stereo? I'd rather not lose the ability to use the CD changer, but if I have to that's acceptable.</LI>
<LI>Is it an easy job? Any pointers? Right now I don't even know how to take the console housing off to get at the stereo and the thought of it scares me. (What if I break my new car?!)</LI>
<LI>Money's tight, so I'd like to do this as cheaply as possible. I could take it to a Blaupunkt dealer, but I'm scared it would cost a silly amount of money. Any ideas how much would be likely?</LI>
<LI>Are there any other solutions I should consider? I haven't heard good reports about the ipod FM transmitter gadget, but are there any other ideas?</LI>[/list]

Thanks for your help!

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