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So, a few words from the horses mouth, or in this case ol' Dobbin, a retired parts manager...
If when you go to your dealer for a car, new or used, you will often be able to negotiate a bit of discount should you request extras, such as a new full size spare wheel, (have done it since retiring) or simply going to the parts dept, be chatty and courteous with them and have your chassis number and other information with you. Most parts people if you genuinely don't know will tell you where to lift these and other information from the vehicle. If you want something urgently, please note that often on VOR there is no profit for the dealer, but if it is a "stock" order which is slower most will happily give you a little something, say you are a forum member or join the vauxhall trade club (free ) if your chevy dealer is also vauxhall, and note too that some network Q sites will actually do your service too using chevrolet parts, but that is for you to negotiate.. But above all, PLEASE be precise about what you want, and what you are expecting. Don't forget too that the parts man, especially with a few years under his belt is a mine of knowledge! (I can remember one old boy, just before he retired had such a good memeory that he often didn't look at the parts catalogue, amazing!

Happy motoring to all.
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