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Auto noob here
The title says all. Is camaro worth buying over other models in the similar price range?
I am looking to buy a car that is around 25k ish, so I am asking if lower end of camaro is worth buying.
I know there are a lot of pros and cons out there I can read and decide, but I want to hear from people who owns and has good experiences with camaro.
My parents wants me to buy honda, because they said Japanese cars are worth more than american cars when you sell them in the future. Is this true?
Thank you guys in advance

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Peter, In a few of words ....... probably not, and your parents are probably correct.

You didnt complete your World location in your Sign-Up but the system has flagged you as in India so what currency are you referring to in 25k ?
It is possible that you may not receive a reply from an active Camaro owner on this Forum because in almost three years there have only been a handful of posts and some of those were in respect of the Classic models which this forum doent cater for.
What you really need to consider is what sort of Dealer Support for parts and servicing are near you and can you afford to run it.
As for after market value, you can best do this by checking prices where ever you are.
The other aspect is future use. For a single guy it is a 'show off' vehicle. For someone with a family it is probably impractical.

Others may view this differently.
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