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A Mercedes hit my small Spark and now I bought a new one(the same :D) - 1.0l Bi-Fuel LPG, 68hp, 2013.

But these days with the new one I found an issue - the coolant temperature reaches 96 degrees in some moments and the fan doesn`t start? The check light for the coolant temperature is NOT on.

First I change the coolant cap and I tried to bleed the system and it helped a little bit, but the fan didn`t start. (It starts when ac is on).

And now I want to buy a Thermostat, but I am a little bit confused!
There are several versions:
- opens at 88 degrees celsius;
- another opens at 98;
- another opens at 102;
- another opens at 105.
Why do they open at so high temperatures?
And at what temperature does the fan need to start?
And which brand should I buy? Because I couldn`t find the original Behr Thermostat?

With my old Spark, I never had an issue with the temperature?
Sorry for my bad English!
Kind regards, Manuil.

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Manuil, The key possibility is in your mention of 'bleeding the coolant system helped a little bit'. That is maybe where your problem is.
Before you purchase parts you may not need, I would drain down the entire coolant system and start again.
Make sure that the heater controls are set to open hot position. Refilling in a closed position can create a 'blocked tap' effect and trapped air can cause what seems to be a failed thermostat effect.
Refill very very slowly (this is important) so to allow the fluid to slowly trickle into the tubes and the heater matrix without trapping air.
I had an old Ford many years ago and it took three attempts to refill without air block.

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