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Hello all

I decided to post this topic as I have spent the last 3 weeks on/off fixing up my Kalos for its MOT and have learned so much about this car/cars in general. I wanted to share the hours lost outside in this lovely weather with you, maybe someone has the same issues.

I got the car with the following lights on:

MIL/ENG LIGHT (periodically on/off)

With a multimeter, tools and a good diagnostic reader borrowed off a mate i set to work.

The ABS problem was the 2 front sensors nakered (One snipped and tied out the way!). 2 new sensors at £40 each and the problem went away, also taking away the parking brake light (which i learnt that if 2 or more ABS sensors are out, this will light up). Also to note, i did not need to clear this code, it went out on its own.

The Airbag issue was a pain in the butt. I had a code reading RIGHT HAND DEPLOYMENT LOOP RESISTANCE HIGH, which to me meant there was a loose plug/wire somewhere on the RIGHT side. I spent AGES with continuity checks and even totally removed the drivers airbag. No joy. It was only when i unclipped the drivers underseat plug that a new code popped up : LEFT SIDE ...blah blah.. LEFT SIDE I THOUGHT!! hang on... yes, i checked the passenger side plug (or the Chevvy RIGHT HAND SIDE) and it was loose. So, lesson learned!! Check all plugs before you start ripping out airbags! and sometimes right and left are back to front. Durrrr!

So, onto Engine management light. I decided to do an oil change as nothing was suspect. All was working ok, so i followed the advice for the good old "italian tune up" (high revs for a few mins to shake down the engine) and the bloody light went out! New oil, filter and why not, spark plugs at the same time. And has been out since!

Im now light free and have a good running chevvy.

hope this post helps and thanks to all for the top tips that helped me save £100's on garage manhours.

Carlos the Kalos 1.4
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