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2008 captiva cdti LT 2.0
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Hi all hope everyone safe and well.
Question I have is car been sat a while as didn't turn over. Changes aux belt all OK fully charged battery all OK on turning over she runs but lumpy a little also just noticed Clutch is very hard while running and struggle to go in gear ie has clutch now gone? ( was OK before not driven in 12 months)
If left out of gear when starting with clutch pedal dipped as far down as possible would this affect engine running if clutch going/gone on these cars.
I think the car is a series 1 model?

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Several questions in one post. Lumpy running can be several things. This topic already exists and you could have built on one of the existing posts.
The Forum Search function will find you the following :- Search results for query: Lumpy running Probably a good starting point is to read through these posts.

Not driven in 12 months raises thoughts of corroded injectors. Possibly/probably require cleaning or possible replacement (expensive).
Old fuel. the following extract is from an RAC website " As for diesel, it can remain usable for between six and 12 months before becoming ‘gummy’ which, if used, can clog up filters and cause you issues with your engine." "With diesel, decomposition can cause the fuel filter and parts of the fuel injection system to become blocked which could see you facing a hefty repair bill. " Full link here:- Does fuel go off? Old fuel and fuel storage questions answered | RAC Drive

Clutch (should be a separate topic). Possible seizure of clutch cylinder and or old fluid. Read up Clutch topic posts here:- Search results for query: Clutch problems

Further reading can be explored using the Forum Advanced Search function (three white dots>drop down>advanced search)

A Captiva pre 2011 is generally recognised as a Series 1
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