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My navigation screen doesn't turn on sometimes when I start the car.

If I put the key in fast and quickly start the car the screen will then turn on.
But it can't be used. None of the touch icons will respond.

If I put the car in reverse the reversing camera will work. 🙂👍

I have tried holding down menu and nav button together it restarts the screen but still doesn't respond to being touched.

Any suggestions? On what else I can try? I tried to search before posting I'm new. Today in my first time here and I can't find any suggestions besides holding down menu and nav button which I have tried.

Kind Regards

South Australia

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Amz, The Multimedia/Satnav/Drivers Information Centre is probably one of the top five topics on this Forum (which you've probably seen if as indicated you've used the Forum Search function). The fact that rebooting it doesnt seem to work for you is not a good sign. The Series 2 Multimedia is sadly a known troublesome piece of kit. I dont know whether you still have Navigational support for it anyway in the Southern hemisphere but here in UK/Europe there is no support, so updates are a thing of the past. As a result many owners have resorted to total replacement for a more up to date unit.
Have you spoken to your local Holden dealer (I'm assuming you still have some Chevrolet support). See what they say.

As a newbie the following link will assist you. Your World location and vehicle details do have a section where they can be entered during Sign-Up.
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