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Hi, I live in France and have always had an interest in cars, so ... for my 60th birthday I treated myself to what I think is a very nice 1999 Camaro Z28 5.7,that's coveredjust 33,000 miles and has never been driven in the rain in its life.

Unfortunately, I'm not mechanically minded; I just like driving the car so any help/advice out there would be very much appreciated. My first problemhas beenlocating an oil filter and, although a Chevvy dealer in Le Mans has justkindly sent me one, could someone please confirm it's the right one? The make is ACDelco, PF46.

Also, all the literature I have with the caris American and mention of 'the coolant chamber' has thrown me a little. One person's told me it's where you put the anti-freeze, and another said it's fora separate radiator to cool the automatic transmission. Would be very grateful if someone could put me right. Would also be grateful for any advice as to where to obtain parts, etc. for a Camaro in the UK.

Many thanks

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