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Hi I got my Captiva
SX 2.0D in December.<?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />

I was very satisfied
with the vehicle, but I have few banal problems.

1. In 4-th gear
between 60-80 km/h I got vibrations from the gear box and also some sound of
vibrant plastic. Few week ago I went to the dealer and they put oil (
lubricated) the plastic in the gear box and the vibrations are smaller but
still existing. The feeling driving in 4-th gear is not ok especially if you
put the hand on the gear handle.

2. when I turn on the
ventilation very cold air is coming in the cabin, even colder then AC is turned
on. I put this as a remark to the dealer, they said I am "stupid" and
it can't be colder than AC. Few days ago in a quiet neighborhood I turn on
ventilation. I heard that compressor from AC is also turning on, so I press AC
button - NOTTING HAPPEN - so I was right when I turn on ventilator the AC is
also turning on - even if AC button is not turned on. Probably bed connection
behind, but I should go again to the dealer
to fix this!

3. Fuel consumption -
10L/100km in the town. Outside the town on a highway drive 140km/h and
ventilator on ( meaning AC was on) fuel consumption more than 11l/100km. much
higher than my friends Opel Antara with the same engine ( he claims that is
between 8-9L/100km in the town).

Small problems made my satisfaction to disappear.
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