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Hi Eyezcar, Welcome to forum. You dont say whether looking at brand new, nealy new series 2, or original series 1.I'm going to be biased because I have the 2012 modelLTZ diesel. Fantastic car great value for money considering the spec. Dont buy a 4wd suv and expect great mpg (its an old chestnut on these pages) 24-26 around town, 32-36 going to be about best on a run. Depends on load andyour driving style! Good load space with all rear seats down.Lots of seats if moving 'bodies'. Plenty of members with Series 1 model on this forum so expect they will give feedback if looking at pre-owned. If you revert to short distance around town driving the diesel particulate filter (DPF) can be 'troublesome' on some cars with the regeneration mode being an irritation. Other wise I dont think this vehicle is any more or less prone to complaint than any other make. As usual the service provided by some dealers can be subject to debate (along with plumbers, builders etc etc if you get my drift) simply have to find a good one.

Come back with more info/questions and we'll try to help further.

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Hello & welcome

I don't claim any of what follows as gospel - but here's my take on the series 1:

I think I'm correct in saying the series 1 was available thus:
LS - 2.4 petrol - 2WD - manual - 5 seats
LT - 2.0 VCDi - on-demand AWD - manual or auto - 5 or 7 seats
LTX - 2.0 VCDi - on-demand AWD - manual or auto - 7 seats

I have an '08 plate LT: diesel, manual, 5 seater. Not the most refined engine, but torquey enough for my needs and economy is ok for a big SUV. Tows our caravan (1200kg) fine. Rides & handles well enough; plenty of load space, cubby-holes etc for storage; interior quality is fair rather than outstanding, but then it's not a Range Rover. As Aussi Ed says, it's a lot of car for the money.

The diesels have a DPF - so be aware of the potential issues. If you went for a 2.4 petrol, I'd expect it to be both thirstier and slower.
Personally I'd walk away from one that didn't have a full service history (and ideally a wad of receipts to back it up) - oil changes at the correct interval and the correct oil spec are essential.

If you have a browse through the forum's Captiva section, you'll quickly get a feel for the most common issues. Aside from that, just check all the things you'd check on any used car...

Hope that's some use.
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