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Hello All

Newbie hear from Gloucestershire. First time ever on a forum so please bear with me.

Captiva owner for about 11 months (2.0 diesel Manual LT 2009, 43000 Miles). Have serviced the oil, Air filter etc with help from online posts on here which have been a real help so thought I would "get involved" rather than just read the posts (ps Cant find toolonline to change fuel filter housing so have left this for now - I have read its a James Hunt of a job anyway!!!!)

I have had an issue with very temporary power loss (about 2 seconds) intermittently but this has not happend for a while (no lights come on the dash and there was no cough or splutter and didnt seem like the engine was going to stall at all - Engine then regains revs and takes off as normal) there is also a smallbearing type noise thatcan be heard at the same time but again this is very temporary. When under warranty I took into Chevrolet but there was nothing showing on the computer and I took it for a long test drive with them but no faults were heard (it is very intermittent). I know this issue has been raised before but it appears most commets involve auto captivas and lots of lights coming on the dash! Has this happened to manual Captivas out there? if so what was the outcome. On the whole I am very pleased with the car and the service that Chevrolet gave me whislt under warranty.
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