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Hi All,
Newbie "Aussie Ed" here.

Recently bought new Captiva LTZ Diesel 2.2 and so far (1600 miles) pleased with it.

Quick response to 'Peaksman' regarding the 'glare' reflecting up onto windscreen from trim around the upper dash mesh. Dont try spray painting it because cant get spray can in the tight space, unless you feel inclined to remove the trim completely (not a good idea as it never goes back as orginally built!). My solution was to purchase a roll of non slip matting in black (sort of stuff used in caravan drawers to stop items sliding around). Halfords sell it made by Rolson called 'Grip Mat' (original eh!). As small patch or strip placed over the mesh & trim stops the reflection and will stay in place on its own (no glue!). It is plenty big enough roll toallow lining in back boot area as well. Cost5.00 Should solve problem unless anyone else got a better idea?
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