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Hi Orlando owners
I have got 2012 2 litre auto orlando
its normally used in the city at slow speeds so recently got it serviced and the mechanic told me itd dpf is kinda blocked and needs cleaning, and only two days after that engine light appeared on the dash and i also saw dpf light on a couple times. The car refused to go over 20mph speed and I used the fuel additive dpf cleaner and it helped. So now its not rpm locked but have to rev it too much to go over 50/60 and the engine is taking very long to heat up as well.
Earlier the mechanic had checked it with computer and later told me about dpf and he further told me there is no other issue with the car. I also see code 84 on the dash....
Any suggestions please how do i get it cleaned.... wondering if there is any diy way ???

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Swiftgate, Code 84 is purely a generic code implying something is wrong. What that something is will be diagnosed by Diagnostic Codes.
You have in your post pretty much indicated that the problem is a blocked DPF.
Repeated failure to allow the DPF regenerations to complete will result in the vehicle going into 'limp home mode' as a safety precaution, which you have described.
The give away is your statement that the vehicle is essentially used at low speeds around the city. It has to be asked if that is the case why on earth did you purchase a diesel with a DPF which needs regular open road higher speed use to clean the DPF? Refer to pages 77 and 184/5 of your Owners Handbook for further DPF information.

Further dosing with a good quality DPF cleaner may continue to provide an improvement, but your primary DIY solution is to take the vehicle for a long long open road journey (45 minutes or possibly more now the weather is very cold) using manual mode to keep the rpm's about 2,500 / 2,800 so as to raise the 'burn temperature of the DPF soot'.

You dont tell us what mileage the vehicle has covered and it has to be recognised that with high mileage vehicles the DPF can reach the end of its serviceable life and can become totally blocked with the resultant ash from regenerations. That being the case it would either require DPF replacement or the services of a professional DPF cleaning firm.

This Topic (DPF) is well discussed dozens and dozens of times on both the Orlando and Captiva Forums. You can read these by using the Forum Search function. The following link explains how to use the Search Index and also how to complete your Sign-Up World Location (which you left blank). The Forum system believes UK (?) and helpful to provide full vehicle information in your Signature Footer. (example of mine is below this post to guide you).

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The first approach is to try very robust open road high revs for a sustained period to see if it will burn clean that way. The other approach is for your mechanic to activate 'Forced Regeneration' and see if that works. This is a lengthy process and will use a lot of fuel.
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