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Hi all S2 2013 Captiva 2.2 LTZ (75,000 miles) has started to develop a problem.

A week ago I was driving in 5th and at about 40mph and went to accelerate as road went to a 60mph lime, it started accelerating then the engine management light next to the rev counter and another light (picture of engine with arrow pointing down inside) come on next to the speedo, which I take it to be limp mode?

After a minute a minute or two the engine light with the arrow in went off and it drove normal again although the normal engine management light stopped on. When I scanned for fault codes I got the following

P0253- Powertrain
Injection pump fuel metering control "A" low (cam/rotor/injector) - Current fault

P2246 Powertrain
02 sensor reference voltage circuit high bank 1 sensor 1 - Pending fault.

I cleared both codes and all seemed well up till tonight when driving under the exact same style and got the same fault codes again?

I did service it a few months ago and changed everything bar the fuel filters as there was two sizes listed for my car, longer or shorter

Anyone have any ideas?

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You can look up previous Forum discussions on both these codes using the Advanced Search Index facility.
Member Scruggs kindly posted the eventual solution. Read his final entry here:-
Error Code P02D2

Krazylegz , since you joined, the Forum has undergone a bit of a revamp.
Helpful link here may assist you find your way around the new layout :- Helpful Guidance Using the Forum
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