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Hi everyone. I finally found a workshop manual for the Captiva 2.2D 2012 LTZ.
I will be following the instructions in it to take down the EGR Intercooler and EGR Valve (in order to clean or replace the EGR valve itself), and the inlet manifold along with the Throttle Body (also in order to clean them and/or replace the TB, since I have determined it to be the source of my problems - it keeps sending wrong sensor values, and as a result the ECU makes the EGR behave erratically).
Does anyone know what the part numbers are for the following parts, or can you confirm if the numbers I have are the right ones?

Inlet Manifold: I have found part numbers 25193560, 25183182 and 25183483. It seems it also fits the Opel Antara 2.2D (which makes sense) does anyone know if all three numbers are identical? Do you know if I need to get a new gasket if I remove the inlet manifold to try and clean it? If so, would you happen to know the part number?
Throttle Body: 2508555, 25183238 (This is the one made by Hitachi).
EGR Valve: 96868923.
There are a couple of gaskets and an o-ring that come into play when replacing the EGR Intercooler and the hose that goes back from the EGR system to the inlet manifold. Do you know if they usually need to be replaced (the o-ring will most probably have to be) in the process? Sometimes some metal gaskets can easily be re-attached. Does anyone have experience with this?

The disassembly and assembly steps themselves, seem pretty straightforward, I just don't want to be stuck there, holding a part that needs a 5 EUR gasket that can't be found elswhere in order to be reattached...

If anyone wants to share their experience with these kinds of jobs, I will more than gladly read and learn from your wisdom.

Have a wonderful time, and stay safe and healthy.

Andres Romberg.

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I'm sorry I cant identify the product numbers at the moment but the outstanding comment you have made is that you have found a Workshop Manual for the Series 2 Captiva. This is like finding the dead sea scrolls !

In regards to cleaning the throttle body I posted the 'history' of my EML light which eventually was traced by my dealer to being a defective throttle body - which in the end after they dismantled it was simply the result of the throttle body gasket failing on one side and allowing incorrect air fuel mixture.
The lengthy discussions on this can be found on the following link:- (remember the Search tool will enable you to look up previous Topics/posts over the past ten years or so).

I did provide photos with the post but these have since been 'lost' when the forum layout was altered.
However I've copied the photos again here.


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Part Numbers as follows-

Intake Manifold 25193560.
Intake Manifold gasket 96868320

EGR Valve Complete 96868923
EGR Valve gasket 96868480
EGR pipe to intake manifold O ring 96985636

Throttle Body inc Actuator 25183238
Throttle Body gasket 96868480

All above part numbers specific for 2012 Captiva 2.2 Diesel.
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Always replace intake manifold gaskets and all other gaskets while easy access.
They become dry of age and if you don replace then you will need to do so sooner or later.
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